In summer 2013, Fire Nomads opened a small home theater in their home, welcoming on donation villagers, tourist and foreigners. Young and olders every opening fridays would squeeze in their small yard to discover what performance they prepared within the week and which other artists would join in.

The performances are mostly using a retro projected screen that can either be used for shadow theater or as a background for performances

From those years came out several performances that Fire Nomads present regularly in festivals in China with their mobile theater.

ROBOT and DANCER : Fire performance and shadow theater

DREAMER : Light performance – Shadow and theater act

They also perform in festivals new performance adapted to crowds, that evolves from an area to an other

Jump out form you Phone !

Dancing performance with full body costume and a giant smartphone, using it to take pictures of people and selfies, then a second character jumps on stage and invite the phone addict to jump out of it and discover the world with it s own eyes.
Performance mixing dancing and acroyoga.