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Fire Nomads is a performing duo, Bertrand PIGNET (France) and Zhao Jingwen (China). He started Fire manipulation in 2005 as a passion while being a web-developper. From 2008 he joined the parisian fire team “Nosta Scein“. She graduated at NGEE in Singapore and learned since kid contemporary and modern dancing. Their roads crossed in Dali in 2011. From 2012 they started performing fire in the streets of Dali and quickly got invited to many music and art festival around China :

  • COART Lijiang street Art festival 2012-13 Tamart, Do Brazil Caribean 2013
  • Cooking ChengDu music festival 2013
  • Green festival Kunming/ChongQing 2013-14-15
  • Ying Yang great wall music festival 2014
  • Injuco, indian juggling convention 2016
  • Alashan festival – Inner mongolia 2016-17-19
  • XishuangBanna Gaozhuang 2016-17
  • Tengchong hot spring town art festival 2018
  • Strawberry music festival – Dongtai 2018
  • 4 seasons market Dali 2018-19
  • DALI FLOW FEST 大理杂耍和流动艺术节 2018-19
  • Dali international film festival 2019

Since 2012 we never stopped improving our skills and knowledge about performing to bring unique shows and events to audiences of all ages and countries,

We take part in Music and Art festival, private events, wedding ceremony.

If you are interested in our work or want to hire us please contact us :


0086 – 15887336006 / 13013360056